Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome CastCooler & Ivy Rose Spica Chairs !!! ;)

We are soooooooo excited to welcome some new supporters to  
Please join us in welcoming:

Our friends at CastCooler™ have donated a number of coolers for us to give away to those who need them !!  In standing with us, they join the fight to make things a little better for those in spica casts who need the much needed relief from dampness, itchiness, irritation, etc....those who have used the cooler agree that it is a must !!! Please take some time to visit our dear friends, and let them know how much we love their product, their support and them!

If you'd like to register to win a CastCooler™, please visit:

Ivy Rose has also joined the fight, and has graciously offered to give us one spica chair per quarter to give away !!!!  That's a $150.00 value per quarter !!! We are so grateful, for we have witnessed first hand the difference these incredible tables make for the little ones in spica ! They love being able to sit up to eat, draw, play, etc. and it gives them back a little of their independence while casted !  We are so grateful !

If you'd like to register to win a spica table, please visit:

*NOTE:  Winner pays shipping & due to International shipping costs, this offer is only available in the USA & Canada.
We're so sorry, international friends!

We are so grateful for amazing people and companies who are willing to take a stand in the fight against hip dysplasia !!!

Never forget.....
Together we can......Together we WILL !!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 is proud to announce, that we now have in place a wonderful new tool to help you with your fundraiser !!!!!! ;)

With the help of our new friends at Fundly, as well as a lot of help from our beloveds at both the 

as well as the 
Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, 

fundraising just got easier !!!!!!

When you decide to deliver your 'sucker punch' to hip dysplasia by way of a fundraiser, please, PLEASE follow this link to
register your event or online fundraiser !!!!!

Registering your event is VERY IMPORTANT, for it keeps us connected as a community, and it allows us to celebrate you along the way !!!!!

Once you click the link, you will click 'BECOME A FUNDRAISER'....and go through the steps to set up your event information !!!  This new tool will not only enable you to promote your event and gain support for the IHDI, but it will allow you to accept donations from those who want to support you, but can't attend your event!!  AND, when your event is over, it will let you make your donation of the money raised right then and there !!!!  It's so cool, and it's even set to know that 
YOU are part of One Hip World
and it will add your total to the GRAND TOTAL !!!!!!!  
Yeah, we're kinda loving it !!!!! ;)

Through the same link, there is also a 'BECOME A SUPPORTER' button, where you can show the world that you fight against hip dysplasia, and you are part of One Hip World !!! 
It will also give you the option of making a donation.  
While it's still new to all of us, we expect it to really pull our community see how many of us stand together, and how your individual role has played such a major part in the bigger picture !!! ;)
We're very excited !!!!

Should you have any question, just email us at:


Thank you soooooo much for fighting 
with us, and remember that.... 

Together we can....together we will !

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Faith's Story....

Faith's Story
Written by Kelly Bartter

"Faith" age 13

My daughter Faith’s hip story has been quite atypical compared to most children born with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Faith was born May 21, 2000. She was my first baby and like most first time parents I was thrilled but scared out of my mind. One of things I worried most about was that she would be born with hip dysplasia. I have bi-lateral hip dysplasia, something I didn't know I had until the age of 25. Somehow it was never diagnosed when I was a child and was then misdiagnosed over and over by my primary care physician from the time I started having pain and frequent dislocations at age 19 until I finally took it upon myself to go to an orthopedic specialist at age 25. The ortho I saw informed me there were no treatment options for adults my age and because I was too young for a hip replacement that I should just take Advil and learn to live with it. Consequently my concern about her hips being ok was one of the things I stressed most with her first pediatrician. When she was a few weeks old we switched pediatricians over another issue related to her care and were really pleased when the new pediatrician seemed to be so thorough reviewing our health histories and new parent concerns.
At her first exam after birth her hips were pronounced fine, just as they were at each subsequent well baby visit she had from then until we found out the bitter truth as she was about to turn 2. Faith had hit all her milestones right on time until her first birthday came and went and she gave no sign of walking or even coasting around furniture. When she did finally start to stand and eventually walk at 17 months she was very bow-legged, like a cowboy. I went round and round with the pediatrician about my concerns regarding this – could it be her hips? He kept insisting her hips were fine it was just because she was a chubby baby that she was late to walk and stood that finish reading Faith's wonderfully inspiring story, please click here---> Finish Faith's Story!

We are so proud of you Faith !!!!  
You amaze us, and you inspire sooooo many !!!! 
Thank you, angel !!!
Continue to fight the good fight, and know that......
 we stand with you !!!!!

Together we can....together we will !!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grateful Hips and Hearts

Each of us have someone, or a group of people, that have "lightened our burden" it a doctor, nurse, husband, wife, other family member or friend who has walked our journey with us, and to whom we want to thank!  
'Grateful Hips and Hearts' is designed to share that "THANK YOU!"  We know that without those who love us, this journey would be so much harder!  Above, is a picture, which you are free to use, to post to your social media page or to email someone that has made a difference for you and your family
 Just right click the image, click "save image as" and then save to your computer !

This is nothing more than a campaign of love and gratitude !!!

Also available is a downloadable certificate, which you can edit and print (get some pretty paper!) and present it to your recipient!  As part of the month of June, especially, we encourage you to do something (big or small) for those who have made that difference!!  Take some cookies to your doctor's office, or have your little one draw them a picture!  Take Mom, Dad or Grandma to lunch!!  Whatever you want to do !!! The point is....I know we are is just a chance for us to show it and spread the love !!  And, if you do make a presentation, take a picture and send it to us at:'d love to celebrate with you!

For a copy of the certificate pictured below, please email us at:

Thank you for all that you do!

Together we can.....together we will !!

JUNE - Healthy Hips/Hip Dysplasia Awareness month!

Welcome to June!
Healthy Hips/Hip Dysplasia 
awareness month !!

As you can guess, June is a very busy time here at One Hip World, and June 2013 is no different !!
Lots of fundraisers going on all over the team members being added....and new merchandise being available!  The proceeds from which will all go to the IHDI !!

We want to thank all of you for being a part of One Hip World, and for joining the fight to lend support to others, while spreading awareness, and raising funds for more research and awareness!
It is in the research that our answers lie....we must keep it going !!!!

As you spread awareness, please feel free to right click and "save image as" on any of the images above so that you may use them !!! 

Our next post will be about our "Grateful Hips and Hearts" that we can take a moment during this month especially, to acknowledge and thank those who
 have walked with us !!!

On the right hand side of this page, you find the links to purchase our new t shirts and our new survival straps bracelets.  
Our sincere thanks to Awesome Outfitters for our shirts, and to for our bracelets!
Much is being done and you are very much a part of it all.....we are grateful, and we are proud to share the field of battle with you !

Thank you for your continued love and support !!!

Together we can....together we will !!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcoming Happy Hips !!!! ;)

If I can direct your attention to the tabs at the top of our page, you will notice a brand new tab labeled, "teens/young adults" !!!!!  We are 'over the moon' excited to have teamed up with a remarkable group designed to reach out to the hip dysplasia world's teen and young adult members!

Please join us in welcoming.....

Happy Hips was founded by Ms. Hannah Purdy....who knows first hand what walking the hip dysplasia road is like as a teen/young adult.  Hannah, with her amazing heart, wanted to reach out to others to make a difference in their lives....and, she has !  Now, with a growing team of friends....some who have hip dysplasia, and some who have just watched their friends suffer long enough and could stand by no longer....
they have become 'Happy Hips', and,
 we are proud to call them our friends !!

On the new tab, you can read more about Hannah and her team....and, their contact information 
and website is there as well !!! ;)

Welcome to the One Hip World family, 
Happy Hips !!
Together we can.....together we will !!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome to Amanda Haisten !!! ;)

It is our pleasure to 
Welcome to the One Hip World team....
Mrs. Amanda Haisten !!!!

Amanda is Mommy to her precious Addy, who battles hip dysplasia, and is passionate about the fight for research and awareness !!  Amanda will be handling our Marketing/Awareness, and we could not be more thrilled to add her to the team !!!

If you need help with a "team" shirt for your fundraiser, need pricing to order, or have questions about other marketing related issues, please contact her at 

Thanks to the generosity of our shirt printer, Mr. Patrick Henshaw of Awesome Outfitters, a portion of the proceeds will go to the 
International Hip Dysplasia Institute !!! ;)

Please leave a comment to welcome Amanda to the team, and know that she stands ready to help you with your fundraiser !! ;)

Love watching us grow !!!

Together we can....together we will !!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A new total ........

Drum roll, please........... ;)

WOO HOOOO !!!!!!!!
Congratulations to everyone !!!!!
You guys are amazing, and are 
proof positive that .....

Together we can.....together we will !!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easton, MA - Aug. 24th - Inaugural Hip Hop 5K Run and Walk for hip dysplasia!

Place:  Oliver Ames High School 100 Lothrop Street North Easton, MA 02356.
Date:  August 24, 2013
Time:  Day of registration and number pick up:  7:30am   
Race begins:   9am.  
** Post-race results and celebration 
including food, live music and raffle:  10am.

For those who cannot be there in person to walk, run, volunteer or sponsor, you can still be part of this momentous occasion !
Through the event's website, you can build your own Virtual Team, and participate in the fundraising part!  
Please consider joining their efforts !!  
There is a big goal to be reached, but we believe it can and WILL be done !!!
Proceeds from the 5K Walk and Run will go to the:
and, the hip program at:

Whether in person or via the web, please....come !!

For more information, to register, or to donate, please visit:

Together we can......together we will !!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

2nd Annual "HIP" Garage Sale...Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Saturday, May 25, 2013  8:00am-12:00pm

Together with One Hip World, I am encouraging you to 'Band together' with us to raise Healthy Hips Awareness in Humans, and by supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute in their continued research and commitment "to reduce the physical, social and economic burden for children and adults affected by hip instability and developmental dislocation of the hip."  

All proceeds from garage sale will go to the 
International Hip Dysplasia Institute

For more information on fundraisers going on around the world, please check out:
 One Hip World at One Hip World on Facebook 
 to donate to the Institute directly, please go to:

We are also looking for volunteers to help out during the sale as well as everything from you "Spring Cleaning" that you do not need anymore!!  And, we are able to pick up your item(s) , just give us a call to arrange a time!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Love, Abby (Our "Hip" baby) 
and the rest of our family & friends!


Together we can....together we will !!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introducing....Miss Emily Cioffi

We are so excited to introduce to everyone the newest member of our team.....
Miss Emily Cioffi !!!!

Emily joins One Hip World as our official 5K Coordinator/Advisor....

Emily has endured an unbelievable battle with hip dysplasia.  Not being diagnosed until she was 17 years old, she has undergone 8 surgeries in the past 4 years.  She is now 22 and is (only for now, because we are claiming great things for her) reliant on her wheelchair.  
Emily is determined to help herself and others in this ongoing battle against hip dysplasia, and she has both a smile and a spirit that will warm your heart !  
Emily has put together the First Annual Hip Hop 5K Run for Hip Dysplasia to take place on August 24th 2013 in Easton, MA

We will be posting all of the information as well as the link for the Hip Hop 5K in our next post !!!!

If you'd like to organize a Hip Hop 5K in your area, let Emily help get your started and guide you through the process ....she's pretty amazing that way !!! ;)

For more information, please email us at:


Together we can.......together we will !!!!! <3

It's almost JUNE...One Hip World is in FULL swing !!

Once again, you guys are stepping up and working hard to build HEALTHY HIPS 4 LIFE !!!!!!

JUNE (Healthy Hips Awareness month) is fast approaching, and so many of you are letting us know about your fundraisers and your plans to BE the difference you want to see in the world !!!!!  We are grateful to know so many of you stand together and stand with us as we all battle hip dysplasia !!!!!!  
As fundraisers come in, we will post them here so that if you are in the area, you can attend and help show your support!
Please know, that the IHDI has had to change the wrist band program....due to the cost of shipping to individual bands, they have had to suspended the program to individuals.  HOWEVER....because they are amazing....they have decided that they WILL MAKE THEM AVAILABLE to One Hip World event coordinators !!!!!! ;)  If you need them for your event, please call Susan @ 321-843-5271....Identity yourself as a One Hip World Event organizer, and she will send you as many as you need !!!! Don't forget to order brochures as well to make information about hip dysplasia available at your event !!!  
This is how we raise awareness while we raise funds !!!!! 

Also, please, remember that your fundraising event is meant to be is meant to build your/our community, and it is meant to empower you to reclaim some of what hd has taken from you while helping others along the way !  
We start as 1 individual .....we arrive as ONE HIP WORLD !!!! ;)

Don't forget to let us know all about your fundraiser, and be sure to send any pictures you'd like to share as well as your grand total raised to: 
 or visit us on facebook:  

We look forward to hearing from each of you, and remember......

Together we can........
together WE WILL !!!!!!!!!!!