Wednesday, June 5, 2013

JUNE - Healthy Hips/Hip Dysplasia Awareness month!

Welcome to June!
Healthy Hips/Hip Dysplasia 
awareness month !!

As you can guess, June is a very busy time here at One Hip World, and June 2013 is no different !!
Lots of fundraisers going on all over the team members being added....and new merchandise being available!  The proceeds from which will all go to the IHDI !!

We want to thank all of you for being a part of One Hip World, and for joining the fight to lend support to others, while spreading awareness, and raising funds for more research and awareness!
It is in the research that our answers lie....we must keep it going !!!!

As you spread awareness, please feel free to right click and "save image as" on any of the images above so that you may use them !!! 

Our next post will be about our "Grateful Hips and Hearts" that we can take a moment during this month especially, to acknowledge and thank those who
 have walked with us !!!

On the right hand side of this page, you find the links to purchase our new t shirts and our new survival straps bracelets.  
Our sincere thanks to Awesome Outfitters for our shirts, and to for our bracelets!
Much is being done and you are very much a part of it all.....we are grateful, and we are proud to share the field of battle with you !

Thank you for your continued love and support !!!

Together we can....together we will !!!

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