Hip Dysplasia "League"

The Hip Dysplasia League !

Where did this name come from?  Well, like most people going through something 'major', we tend to refer to ourselves as "Teams".  Why ?? Because we know and appreciate the fact that we do none of this alone.  Ordeals such as an illness take a great tole on you.  Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally...in every aspect you can imagine.  And, it takes a lot of people to pull you through!  Family, friends, supporters, prayer partners all part of your 'team'...all who give of themselves to love you through it!  We would each be in big trouble without our team members !!
We know it, and we are grateful.  We call ourselves "Team" to acknowledge each of those who walk this road with us.  Thank you for all that you do, you are always with us!

And, while many 'teams'...we are all within the same league...

Below are just a few of the blogs for the various 'teams' in our league.  There are both children and adults, and I know this list will grow!  Please check back often !!  And, please take a moment to visit them, learn the story of the one they love and support and experience their journey with them!!  If you would like to have your blog listed here, please email the link and a small photo to onehipworld@yahoo.com !!

(in alphabetical order)


  1. I loved reading all your blogs!!! We are getting ready to start our journey with this and reading everything has given us insight to what to look for and even more questions that we need to ask. Thank you so much for sharing! And Happy Mother's Day to all you GREAT Mom's!!!!!!

  2. I'm putting together a blog for our hip journey, but have neglected it recently.


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