Hope the Hip Hippo

a story about Hip Dysplasia in Children by Gina Jay & Julie Beattie

To all the children who have embarked on a journey with hip dysplasia, we hope that you will be able to spread your wings far and wide, and soar farther than you ever imagined.


We are two mothers, from two different countries with two beautiful children both diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia. When our children were first diagnosed we both independently searched for a story to help explain and understand ourselves, a little of what was going to happen to them. Nothing being found we have embarked on this journey to create a book for you; in hopes it takes a little of the “scary” out of what they and you may endure.

From a mothers heart; to your baby.

Aside from what is needed for marketing, promos and such, the rest of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go directly to the 
International Hip Dysplasia Institute 
to support further research and awareness !!!  Purchasing Hope directly 
supports those with hip dysplasia !!! 

For spica tips/tricks....encouragement from other Hip Parents, and more fun, 
please visit Hope on her website:
Hope the Hip Hippo

~ Thank you !!

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