Is the donation I make tax deductible?
 - yes!  The IHDI is an non-profit 501c3, and therefore all donations are tax deductible!  A letter can be obtained from the IHDI on their website at http://www.hipdysplasia.org which can be used for tax purposes.

Can the donation I make be 'in honor' of my child or loved one?
 - yes!  If you choose to make you donation online via the IHDI's website as opposed to mailing in a check, there is an area on the form for you to check that your donation is being made "in honor" OR "in memory" of someone special! And,  there is even a place to request that a letter be sent to you or your honoree stating that the donation was made!

Do I need to note that my donation is part of One Hip World?
 - yes, please!  There is a place on the online form for noting your part in One Hip World!  Noting this will help us keep totals of how much we all earned together as One. Hip. World !!

Are there any materials available to help me with my event?
 - yes!  also available on the IHDI's website are brochures and wristbands for FREE, which you can request to have sent to you to help raise awareness! IF you can make a small donation for these materials, well, that would great too !

Is the IHDI equipped to handle International donations?
 - yes!  On the online form, there is a place for you to specify that you are 'outside the USA'...once clicked, that will provide a drop-down menu for you to choose your Country and currency!

Should I take photos of my event?
ABSOLUTELY!  We want to see pictures of you and your team !!  Pictures can be shared on our facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/onehipworld or you can email them to:  onehipworld@yahoo.com

Can I hold my event any time of the year ?
YES !!!!  Any time you are ready !!

Where does the money raised need to be sent?
All donations can either be made online via the IHDI's secure server at http://hipdysplasia.org 
OR checks can be mailed to:
                             The International Hip Dysplasia Institute
                             1222 S. Orange Ave., 5th Floor
                             Orlando, Florida 32806

 Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Our email address is:  onehipworld@yahoo.com

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