Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcoming Happy Hips !!!! ;)

If I can direct your attention to the tabs at the top of our page, you will notice a brand new tab labeled, "teens/young adults" !!!!!  We are 'over the moon' excited to have teamed up with a remarkable group designed to reach out to the hip dysplasia world's teen and young adult members!

Please join us in welcoming.....

Happy Hips was founded by Ms. Hannah Purdy....who knows first hand what walking the hip dysplasia road is like as a teen/young adult.  Hannah, with her amazing heart, wanted to reach out to others to make a difference in their lives....and, she has !  Now, with a growing team of friends....some who have hip dysplasia, and some who have just watched their friends suffer long enough and could stand by no longer....
they have become 'Happy Hips', and,
 we are proud to call them our friends !!

On the new tab, you can read more about Hannah and her team....and, their contact information 
and website is there as well !!! ;)

Welcome to the One Hip World family, 
Happy Hips !!
Together we can.....together we will !!!

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