An indispensable resource (in our opinion!) for all Parents !!!!
Please check this book out for a ton of information !!

This book is the first of its kind : a comprehensive guide to hip dysplasia in adults. 
Whether diagnosed as a child, and having ongoing hip problems, or diagnosed as an adult,
 this book will help you. Also recommended for those having total hip replacement for any reason. 
It covers everything there is to know about developmental dysplasia of the hip in adults. 
This guide covers everything from hip anatomy and surgery, to recovery
 and the psychological aspects of the condition. 
 The book includes 19 chapters, over 50 illustrations and x-rays, over 
 400 quotations from adult hip dysplasia patients, 
a glossary, cited references, and a comprehensive index.
 Both authors have bilateral hip dysplasia.

The CastCooler is a newly patented device that provides immediate relief for an itchy cast or splint. The CastCooler dries moist areas under your cast/splint without touching your skin. Keeping your cast's lining dry and cool is the best way to relieve an itching cast and reduce smelly cast odor. A dry lining stays fresh and inhibits bacteria growth...the source of odor and itch.

IvyRose Spica Chairs are specially designed to accommodate a child in a hip spica cast as well as most kinds of braces. They allow kids to sit completely upright and the wrap around tray gives them plenty of room to play with toys, color, and have fun.  

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