Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Faith's Story....

Faith's Story
Written by Kelly Bartter

"Faith" age 13

My daughter Faith’s hip story has been quite atypical compared to most children born with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Faith was born May 21, 2000. She was my first baby and like most first time parents I was thrilled but scared out of my mind. One of things I worried most about was that she would be born with hip dysplasia. I have bi-lateral hip dysplasia, something I didn't know I had until the age of 25. Somehow it was never diagnosed when I was a child and was then misdiagnosed over and over by my primary care physician from the time I started having pain and frequent dislocations at age 19 until I finally took it upon myself to go to an orthopedic specialist at age 25. The ortho I saw informed me there were no treatment options for adults my age and because I was too young for a hip replacement that I should just take Advil and learn to live with it. Consequently my concern about her hips being ok was one of the things I stressed most with her first pediatrician. When she was a few weeks old we switched pediatricians over another issue related to her care and were really pleased when the new pediatrician seemed to be so thorough reviewing our health histories and new parent concerns.
At her first exam after birth her hips were pronounced fine, just as they were at each subsequent well baby visit she had from then until we found out the bitter truth as she was about to turn 2. Faith had hit all her milestones right on time until her first birthday came and went and she gave no sign of walking or even coasting around furniture. When she did finally start to stand and eventually walk at 17 months she was very bow-legged, like a cowboy. I went round and round with the pediatrician about my concerns regarding this – could it be her hips? He kept insisting her hips were fine it was just because she was a chubby baby that she was late to walk and stood that finish reading Faith's wonderfully inspiring story, please click here---> Finish Faith's Story!

We are so proud of you Faith !!!!  
You amaze us, and you inspire sooooo many !!!! 
Thank you, angel !!!
Continue to fight the good fight, and know that......
 we stand with you !!!!!

Together we can....together we will !!!

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