Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's almost JUNE...One Hip World is in FULL swing !!

Once again, you guys are stepping up and working hard to build HEALTHY HIPS 4 LIFE !!!!!!

JUNE (Healthy Hips Awareness month) is fast approaching, and so many of you are letting us know about your fundraisers and your plans to BE the difference you want to see in the world !!!!!  We are grateful to know so many of you stand together and stand with us as we all battle hip dysplasia !!!!!!  
As fundraisers come in, we will post them here so that if you are in the area, you can attend and help show your support!
Please know, that the IHDI has had to change the wrist band program....due to the cost of shipping to individual bands, they have had to suspended the program to individuals.  HOWEVER....because they are amazing....they have decided that they WILL MAKE THEM AVAILABLE to One Hip World event coordinators !!!!!! ;)  If you need them for your event, please call Susan @ 321-843-5271....Identity yourself as a One Hip World Event organizer, and she will send you as many as you need !!!! Don't forget to order brochures as well to make information about hip dysplasia available at your event !!!  
This is how we raise awareness while we raise funds !!!!! 

Also, please, remember that your fundraising event is meant to be is meant to build your/our community, and it is meant to empower you to reclaim some of what hd has taken from you while helping others along the way !  
We start as 1 individual .....we arrive as ONE HIP WORLD !!!! ;)

Don't forget to let us know all about your fundraiser, and be sure to send any pictures you'd like to share as well as your grand total raised to: 
 or visit us on facebook:  

We look forward to hearing from each of you, and remember......

Together we can........
together WE WILL !!!!!!!!!!!

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