Thursday, June 4, 2015

Welcome to June 2015 
Hip Dysplasia/Healthy Hips 
Awareness Month !!!! ;)

So much going on, we can hardly stand it !!! hahahha
Sorry it's been a bit since we've updated, but we are very much still here, and still working hard for hip dysplasia fighters everywhere !! 

If you are working on a fundraiser, let us know!  We want to see pictures and we want to celebrate with you !!! 

If you are doing a Hip Hop 5K this year, or are interested in setting one up, please be sure to visit:

If you're in the Boston area, and would like to be a part of the 3rd Annual Hip Hop 5K/10K, please visit the same link !! 

If you are looking for some amazing jewelry to wear to help raise awareness, please visit our friends at:

30% of the proceeds go right back to the 
International Hip Dysplasia Institute !! ;)

And, last, but not least, please don't forget to come 
see us on our facebook page, at:

And, never forget......

Together we can....Together we will !!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hip Dysplasia Pumpkin Decorating Contest !!!

Welcome to FALL !!!!

We thought we'd like to do something a little "light-hearted"...
a little whimsical and a whole lot of FUN !!!! 

Let's decorate a pumpkin for hip dysplasia !!!

Winner will win a One Hip World t-shirt !!!!

this pumpkin is not eligible for the contest, so says me, because it's mine ! ;)

Rules are:

1.  Deadline to submit your pumpkin pic is November 1, 2014
2.  One entry PER HOUSEHOLD - this means that family/friends who do NOT live with you MAY enter !
3.  Must follow the Hip Dysplasia theme for awareness and should incorporate our "bone" or beige colored ribbon, and our signature royal blue.  You may or may not build One Hip World or Hope the Hip Hippo into your design, it's up to you !
4.  By submitting your photo entry, you are granting permission to One Hip World and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to use/share it !
5.  Entries MUST be received via email and sent to: - we will share them on our Facebook page! ;)
6.  Please be creative and SAFE !  This is a fun little contest!  You are not winning a trip to Aruba here, so please don't use 'pyrotechnics' and stuff....hahaha... we want everyone to be safe while they have fun!
7.  Judging:  The judging will be done by myself (Gina, therefore, my pumpkin will not be eligible), Susan Pappas of the IHDI, Dr. Charles Price, Director of the IHDI, Andrew Younger of the IHDI/Orlando Health & Mrs. Betsy Miller, Author of the Parent's Guide to Hip Dysplasia and Advisory Member of the IHDI. 
*The One Hip World Team, since they are not part of the voting process, and since they are volunteers & Mommies, Daddies, Patients, like everyone else WILL be allowed to participate!
8.  YES! International entries are welcome !
9.  Void where prohibited (never understood this much, but see it all the time on contests, so thought I'd throw it in! ;)
10. I reserve the right to add things I may have forgotten since I've not had all my coffee ! ;) lol 

Please feel free to share this contest with everyone, everywhere!  
Anywhere that you know HD fighters 
"hang out"!  We want everyone included!!  
After all, if you fight hip dysplasia, or if you stand with those who do, then

Let's get creative in the fight against hip dysplasia !

Together we can....Together we will !

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Together We Can..Together WE WILL ! Video

With the exception of thanking EVERYONE 
who helped us with the project 
we are pretty much going to let this speak for itself !! 


This video is for you !!

Please feel free to share this everywhere,
 and you can still be part of it !!

Make and upload YOUR video, just say 
"Together we can..Together WE WILL!" and upload it using the hashtag #togetherwecantogetherwewill
Then share it with us on our facebook page here:

We hope that you are as proud of it as we are!
Together we can...Together WE WILL !

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Lights......Camera......ACTION !!!

We are, in a joint effort with the IHDI, in the process of making a *NEW* PSA video about hip dysplasia, and we want YOU to be in it !!!!! 

If you're willing, here's what we need you to do !

1) Either alone or with your friends and family, gather together! Feel free to wear ANY hip dysplasia tshirts, arm bands, etc that you might have! And/or print out and hold up a sign with either the One Hip World logo, OR the logo for your hip dysplasia group that you've started on it!!

2) Once you've gathered everyone together, and you're ready.....we want you all to push the "record" button and then everyone look at the camera and say "Together we CAN.....Together we WILL !!!!"

3) Try to keep your video to under 10 seconds......

4) Anyone who has been diagnosed with hd or who loves and supports those with hd is welcome to submit a video !!!!!

5) Email your completed video to:

6) Deadline to submit videos is June 15, 2014 !!! 

That's it !!! Have a little fun with it, and please stick to just the "script" of "Together we CAN....Together we WILL !!!"....with lots of videos edited together, we won't have time for anything added on! 

Please remember and be aware, that by making and emailing your video, you are giving us permission to use it ! We will send and share this video everywhere we possibly to can (far and wide) to raise awareness about hip dysplasia and to build our community. Please remember, that there is no type of monetary compensation or compensation of any kind, other than the gratification of showing that you fight, and you stand with all who fight, and knowing that you've let your voice be heard !  Our goal is to show as many fighters/supports as we can.....our goal is to show the shear number that makes up our "together" !!!

Please feel free to share this EVERYWHERE, and feel free to speak your line in your native tongue !!!! 

We're so excited to finish this project, and to show how united we are in our fight against hip dysplasia !!!

If you have ANY questions or comments,
 please feel free to email me (Gina) at:

Thanks so much for your help !!!!
We are here for you.....and never forget.......

Together we can.....Together we will!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Silent Courage by Mary Byrne Eigel

Silent Courage
by Mary Byrne Eigel

From our new friend, and life-long hip dysplasia "warrior", Mary Byrne Eigel comes the amazing story of her fight !!! Mary has given us all a gift, as she not only allows us a look into her world as she fights hd from childhood, but at the same time, she illuminates that which needs to be seen from the fighter's perspective! Mary manages to inspire her readers to know and believe that they too have things to share and they should do so !!  While it is Mary's story and tells of her fight with hd and chronic pain, we believe that anyone and everyone who has contended with any battle can benefit from her story !! We completely and totally enjoyed this book and we TRULY recommend it to everyone !!!!! Go show some love and support, not only to Mary who had the courage to share, but to yourselves in the gift you will receive from her heart !!! 

To read more about Mary, please, visit her blog:

Congratulations, Mary for the
 love and courage you have shown !!!
We are proud of you, and together, we are
 One Hip World !!

Together we can.....together we will !

Thursday, January 30, 2014


In an effort to raise awareness about hip dysplasia, 
Karen Farrish, Hip Mom & One Hip World's Parent/Child Advocate has created an online petition to appeal to the producers of shows such as 'Dr. Oz.' or 'The Doctors' to do a segment devoted to hip dysplasia!
This could be a HUGE step in raising awareness, showing the warning signs so that parents can know what to look for, as well as to give some insight to promote understanding for what it's like being treated for and living with hip dysplasia.
PLEASE, PLEASE take just a moment to click this link - it is an online petition, so ANYONE, ANYWHERE can sign!  After you've signed, please share the link via your social media pages to help us get as many signatures as possible !

Let your voice count and be heard !
Thank you so much !

Together we can.....together we will !!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome CastCooler & Ivy Rose Spica Chairs !!! ;)

We are soooooooo excited to welcome some new supporters to  
Please join us in welcoming:

Our friends at CastCooler™ have donated a number of coolers for us to give away to those who need them !!  In standing with us, they join the fight to make things a little better for those in spica casts who need the much needed relief from dampness, itchiness, irritation, etc....those who have used the cooler agree that it is a must !!! Please take some time to visit our dear friends, and let them know how much we love their product, their support and them!

If you'd like to register to win a CastCooler™, please visit:

Ivy Rose has also joined the fight, and has graciously offered to give us one spica chair per quarter to give away !!!!  That's a $150.00 value per quarter !!! We are so grateful, for we have witnessed first hand the difference these incredible tables make for the little ones in spica ! They love being able to sit up to eat, draw, play, etc. and it gives them back a little of their independence while casted !  We are so grateful !

If you'd like to register to win a spica table, please visit:

*NOTE:  Winner pays shipping & due to International shipping costs, this offer is only available in the USA & Canada.
We're so sorry, international friends!

We are so grateful for amazing people and companies who are willing to take a stand in the fight against hip dysplasia !!!

Never forget.....
Together we can......Together we WILL !!!