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Friday, June 1, 2012
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Together we can.....together we will !!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charity begins at home...and spreads !!

The character of those associated with the IHDI astounds us !!  They are so much more than just professionals using their gifts and skills to fight hip dysplasia....they are amazing people, using their hearts to fight it as well !
A meeting of esteemed doctors, experts and board members was held to discuss many 'hip' things, one of which was One Hip World.  They have not only taken notice of what all of you are doing, they have taken the time to express their gratitude AND they have come up with a plan to make the best use of your love, efforts and funds raised !!
We love that they always remember that you and your child/loved one who suffers from hip dysplasia is so much more than a 'task at hand'.  They know and use as a driving force that you are more than a statistic !!  Every piece of research, every "power-enabling" piece of knowledge affects a person! 
An adult...a teen...a child.

The following statement was released to us to share with you just a short time ago.....

"100% of donations from any region will be used for research, education, and developing best practices for treating and preventing hip dysplasia worldwide.  All affiliated research sites will benefit directly from these funds.  Therefore a significant portion of funds raised regionally will go directly back to the sites in those regions. The amount will be based upon need." - IHDI

This is AMAZING news !!!

A significant portion of what YOU raise in your region will come right back to the affiliate closet to you!  The rest will stay with the IHDI to be used GLOBALLY !!!!

It starts with you....spreads to your home...then to your community.... then to the whole world !!

Thank you to our friends at the IHDI for their tireless efforts to help us all....thank you to everyone for your love and support, for choosing to take a really bad situation and make it better!! 
For choosing to make a difference !!
Together we are building one hip world, by banding together to fight hip dysplasia in people of all ages !!!!

Together we can.....together we will !!!!! ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Welcome to the Official blog for One Hip World !!

We love our facebook page, however, we needed something a little more informative and somewhat more 'user-friendly'.... ;)  Here, we think we can share a bit more!

From time to time, we hope to have "guest bloggers" to share with us their story and their experience with their fundraising well as try to provide some general information to help out !
We absolutely encourage and hope that you will 'follow us', and we really want to hear from you !! 
Feel free to comment on blog posts !!

We at One Hip World are determined to do our part to make sure that the IHDI continues to make advances in research so as to help people of ALL AGES who suffer from hip dysplasia !  
The more they know, the better our odds for shutting hip dysplasia down completely !!!! 
And, the more WE know, the better our chances for avoiding surgeries, pain and the potential for life-long disability!
We hope you will join us !!!

Together we can band together to build....