Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 is proud to announce, that we now have in place a wonderful new tool to help you with your fundraiser !!!!!! ;)

With the help of our new friends at Fundly, as well as a lot of help from our beloveds at both the 

as well as the 
Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, 

fundraising just got easier !!!!!!

When you decide to deliver your 'sucker punch' to hip dysplasia by way of a fundraiser, please, PLEASE follow this link to
register your event or online fundraiser !!!!!

Registering your event is VERY IMPORTANT, for it keeps us connected as a community, and it allows us to celebrate you along the way !!!!!

Once you click the link, you will click 'BECOME A FUNDRAISER'....and go through the steps to set up your event information !!!  This new tool will not only enable you to promote your event and gain support for the IHDI, but it will allow you to accept donations from those who want to support you, but can't attend your event!!  AND, when your event is over, it will let you make your donation of the money raised right then and there !!!!  It's so cool, and it's even set to know that 
YOU are part of One Hip World
and it will add your total to the GRAND TOTAL !!!!!!!  
Yeah, we're kinda loving it !!!!! ;)

Through the same link, there is also a 'BECOME A SUPPORTER' button, where you can show the world that you fight against hip dysplasia, and you are part of One Hip World !!! 
It will also give you the option of making a donation.  
While it's still new to all of us, we expect it to really pull our community together....to see how many of us stand together, and how your individual role has played such a major part in the bigger picture !!! ;)
We're very excited !!!!

Should you have any question, just email us at:


Thank you soooooo much for fighting 
with us, and remember that.... 

Together we can....together we will !