Monday, October 6, 2014

Hip Dysplasia Pumpkin Decorating Contest !!!

Welcome to FALL !!!!

We thought we'd like to do something a little "light-hearted"...
a little whimsical and a whole lot of FUN !!!! 

Let's decorate a pumpkin for hip dysplasia !!!

Winner will win a One Hip World t-shirt !!!!

this pumpkin is not eligible for the contest, so says me, because it's mine ! ;)

Rules are:

1.  Deadline to submit your pumpkin pic is November 1, 2014
2.  One entry PER HOUSEHOLD - this means that family/friends who do NOT live with you MAY enter !
3.  Must follow the Hip Dysplasia theme for awareness and should incorporate our "bone" or beige colored ribbon, and our signature royal blue.  You may or may not build One Hip World or Hope the Hip Hippo into your design, it's up to you !
4.  By submitting your photo entry, you are granting permission to One Hip World and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to use/share it !
5.  Entries MUST be received via email and sent to: - we will share them on our Facebook page! ;)
6.  Please be creative and SAFE !  This is a fun little contest!  You are not winning a trip to Aruba here, so please don't use 'pyrotechnics' and stuff....hahaha... we want everyone to be safe while they have fun!
7.  Judging:  The judging will be done by myself (Gina, therefore, my pumpkin will not be eligible), Susan Pappas of the IHDI, Dr. Charles Price, Director of the IHDI, Andrew Younger of the IHDI/Orlando Health & Mrs. Betsy Miller, Author of the Parent's Guide to Hip Dysplasia and Advisory Member of the IHDI. 
*The One Hip World Team, since they are not part of the voting process, and since they are volunteers & Mommies, Daddies, Patients, like everyone else WILL be allowed to participate!
8.  YES! International entries are welcome !
9.  Void where prohibited (never understood this much, but see it all the time on contests, so thought I'd throw it in! ;)
10. I reserve the right to add things I may have forgotten since I've not had all my coffee ! ;) lol 

Please feel free to share this contest with everyone, everywhere!  
Anywhere that you know HD fighters 
"hang out"!  We want everyone included!!  
After all, if you fight hip dysplasia, or if you stand with those who do, then

Let's get creative in the fight against hip dysplasia !

Together we can....Together we will !

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