Hip Hop 5K

The  Hip Hop 5K Run and Walk 
for Hip Dysplasia !

Started by our own, Emily Cioffi, 
the third annual run will take place on:
August 22, 2015 in Easton, MA or "virtually" from 
wherever you are !!!

Emily has designed the Hip Hop 5K so that EVERYONE, regardless of where they are, can JOIN FORCES and take part in the day !!!  And, she has even designed a way for you to ORGANIZE you own Hip Hop 5K/10K in YOUR area !!!!  
This is amazing !!!!!!!
For more information on organizing a Hip Hop 5K in your area, please contact:
Emily at  onehipworldemily@gmail.com

Ways for you to participate!

 - If you can get to Easton, MA:  you can walk or run the race !!!
 or, you can..... be a sponsor....... or volunteer !!!
If you can NOT get to Easton:  you can sign up your "team" and ONLY take part in the fundraising aspect !! Just build your team, share the link, and everyone can make donations in honor of you or your loved one who battles hip dysplasia !!

All proceeds from the Hip Hop 5K/10K Boston Run 
will benefit the:


Money raised from YOUR Hip Hop 5K/10K will benefit the IHDI as well, who will then share a big portion of it with the IHDI affiliate closest to you!

Please, consider being part of this day with us!

Visit the:
Hip Hop 5K/10K Boston Run 2015 - facebook page

If you or someone you know is interested in participating or sponsoring, ANY Hip Hop 5K/10K anywhere, please contact:
Emily at:  onehipworldemily@gmail.com

See you in Boston !
Together we can.....together we will!!


  1. Hi
    Are you going to run this again in 2014. I would love for there to be some in Australia :)

  2. I would also love to see an event in Australia!

  3. Would love one near St Augustine, Fl!

    1. Fyi, was born with this and live with it to this day.


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