What is OHW?

One Hip World is not so much an 'event' as a whole, as much as it is a "movement"...


We work for 3 important goals !

1)  BUILD: a sense of community within the world of hip dysplasia, by providing and encouraging a kind, loving and supportive atmosphere to strengthen others throughout their fight, and to make the world of hip dysplasia just a little bit 'smaller'.

2)  EMPOWER:  to give those affected by hip dysplasia a way to reclaim some of the sometimes overwhelming feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and frustration.  No one is helpless....there is always something you can do!  Organizing an informational event, a bake sale, a car wash, etc so as to raise funds for research and awareness helps them deliver their own "sucker punch" back to ddh.....feeling that there is something they can do, is VERY important to the overall physical, spiritual and mental well being in anyone's fight !

3)  SUPPORT THE IHDI:  encouraging others to take the good they've done for themselves, and use it to help MANY !!! By supporting the IHDI, we support those who are able and who feel passionately about continuing research so as to learn more about ddh, it's affects, treatments, and day to day life with it.  Financial funding is critical to this ongoing research, and to the IHDI being able to continue to offer informational resources to raise awareness.  "Knowledge is power"...and these 3 words sum up who the IHDI is and what they do!  The funds we raise help them to keep doing it !!
This is OUR fight....ours to win, and.....together we can, together we will !!!

All you have to do is choose a fundraiser !  
(examples: bake sale, book sale, car wash, etc)

Organize and hold your fundraiser anytime !!

 And, June 30th will always 
be One Hip World Day!

Send all money made to:

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute
1222 S. Orange Ave., 5th floor
Orlando, Florida 32806  
Fax: (321) 843-5298

That's it !

Together we can band together to fight hip dysplasia in people of all ages !!!! 

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