Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome CastCooler & Ivy Rose Spica Chairs !!! ;)

We are soooooooo excited to welcome some new supporters to  
Please join us in welcoming:

Our friends at CastCooler™ have donated a number of coolers for us to give away to those who need them !!  In standing with us, they join the fight to make things a little better for those in spica casts who need the much needed relief from dampness, itchiness, irritation, etc....those who have used the cooler agree that it is a must !!! Please take some time to visit our dear friends, and let them know how much we love their product, their support and them!

If you'd like to register to win a CastCooler™, please visit:

Ivy Rose has also joined the fight, and has graciously offered to give us one spica chair per quarter to give away !!!!  That's a $150.00 value per quarter !!! We are so grateful, for we have witnessed first hand the difference these incredible tables make for the little ones in spica ! They love being able to sit up to eat, draw, play, etc. and it gives them back a little of their independence while casted !  We are so grateful !

If you'd like to register to win a spica table, please visit:

*NOTE:  Winner pays shipping & due to International shipping costs, this offer is only available in the USA & Canada.
We're so sorry, international friends!

We are so grateful for amazing people and companies who are willing to take a stand in the fight against hip dysplasia !!!

Never forget.....
Together we can......Together we WILL !!!

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