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As unique as each individual, so are our journeys !

At One Hip World, we want so very much to make the world of hip dysplasia a little smaller, for EVERYONE!
The challenges that little children endure are similar, yet very different to those who are teenagers and young adults !
At a time when they should be enjoying athletics, school dances, events, proms, and/or new jobs...some of our hip dysplasia warriors are facing instead, surgeries...casts...crutches...wheelchairs, and sometimes loneliness and depression.  
We are here for you too !!!  
And, we want you to be able to reach out and talk to other teens and young adults who are walking this road with you!

One Hip World is THRILLED to have teamed up with:

A forum and support site designed just for you !!!!!

Founded by Hannah Purdy 
- a hip dysplasia fighter, and enforced by her sweet friends and fellow fighters (be it through also having hd or because their heart has watched their friends suffer enough and they decided to do something about it!)  Hannah and her team.... Sum Sze, Olivia, Frankii, Ruqayyah, & Amiiee are with you and want to help !!!

L-R Sum Sze (Media and Marketing Manager Full Time), Olivia Bassett (Admin Assistant part time), Frankii Hepburn (Admin Assistant Full Time), and me Hannah Purdy (Founder and MD)

For more information, 
please email them directly at:

And, be sure to visit them on their site:

Together we can.....together we will !!

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  1. Hi Everyone, I've suffered with DDH and it's time to get this taken care of. Any recommendations on surgeons in the Minneapolis or Chicago area?


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