Friday, July 6, 2012

More than just a day....

While you already know that One Hip World Day 
is and will always be celebrated on 
June 30th of every year, 
we are happy to say that we are 
expanding our mission and purpose
 to 'year round' !!!!!!!  
We will no longer call One Hip World 
a "one day event"....we will now call it 
"fundraising supporting the IHDI" !!! ;)

This is such exciting news !!!! 
Your reception and participation 
have been astounding, 
and we are so grateful !!!  With that in mind, we have decided that since the 'need' is year shall our efforts be !! ;)
Anytime you are ready and able to plan a 
fundraising event, go right ahead !!!!
Know that we will be here to help you as much as we can, and will cheer you on !!!
Please visit our facebook page to let us
 know of your plans....and to keep us updated !!! ;)
(see facebook logo on left for link!!)
And, please remember, that all funds raised 
get sent directly to the IHDI !!!
We could not do this without you, 
and believe me, we are not dumb enough to try !!!! ;)

YOU are making the difference !!!!! ;)

Together we can.....together we will !!!

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